Testing Yourself In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Testing Yourself In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

How to Choose The Most Appropriate At Home STD Test Kit

Have you ever heard the idea that you can test  STDs/STIs from the comfort of your home without physically going to a lab or a hospital?

Yes, not only is this possible but it’s already happening.

So, with this in mind, what are some of the options available in the market, which one is the most beneficial, and what are the pros and cons of this option?

Available Kits for Testing STDs

Several STD or STI testing kits are available in the market, and some of them are as described below.

  1. STD Rapid test Kits: (not recommended) an online-based STD/STI testing service that does not involve the use of a lab. Their kits can test seven STDs which include HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. A customer can get results in less than 15 minutes.The downsides of the products are that there is a high chance of carrying out a wrong test as the customer might fail to follow instructions correctly, and also there is no medical counseling for those who are found positive and might need it.
  2. OraQuick: (not recommended) at-home HIV testing kits that don’t use blood but oral/mouth swab. Its disadvantage is that it’s only used for HIV and cannot help those who need to test other types of STDs.
  3. Finally, Mylabbox.com (recommended) is a product that we’re are most concerned about because it is the most appropriate available option for STD testing in today’s market.

Check MyLab Box Price

With products like Rapid test kits and OraQuick, you order a collection kit for samples and another for tests and then carry out the testing yourself.

However, with mylabbox.com, you don’t do the testing yourself, but instead, you order a collection kit for samples and then send it to the lab via mail.

About Mylabbox.com

Mylabboxx.com is a testing kit for home use requiring one to use of a lab. Therefore, it’s required that you make an order for a sample collection kit and not a test kit. After taking your sample, you’ll then send it back to a lab for testing.

You’ll be asked to provide a sample type that is necessary for the STD you are testing for. With some STDs, you will be required to give a blood sample while others will demand things like urine samples or mouth swabs.

You’ll get back your results within 1-5 business days. Because these tests are carried out in a lab, more tests can be carried out at MyLabBox as compared to other available options.

The purchase and pricing of MyLabBox.com tests

At MyLabBox.com you can purchase STI tests from the available options that come in different packages and pricing. Most tests for a single infection are priced at $ 79.

There are also bundle packs such as the four test panel priced at $189 which tests for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis.

The Uber Box package which is for eight tests is priced at $269, and it takes care of HIV type 1 and 2, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhea, Herpes Type 2 and Hepatitis C.

Other bundle packs include the 14 tests panel which is priced between $369-$399, and the Love Box package for couples priced at $ 499.


ð MyLabBox.com has some options for testing several STDs

ð The prices are budget friendly

ð Involves a simple and painless procedure

ð Tests are carried out from the comfort of your home

ð Has CLIA certification across all 50 states

ð The team involved are professional and experienced

ð Offers free physician consultations

ð Quick turnaround times

ð Free shipping and prescriptions

ð They also give their clients gift cards


ð It more time to get your test results since you’ll have to wait for 2 to 8 days after mailing.

ð There is need to further improve the privacy policy at mylabbox.com

ð You might be involved in a wrong test because you probably handled the sample improperly, e.g., you might have packed it incorrectly.

People Who Should Seek STD/STI tests from Mylabbox.com

ð Those who want to have unprotected sex

ð People who are entering new relationships

ð People in open relationships

ð Individuals who have multiple sexual partners

ð Those who think their sexual partners are cheating on them

ð People who have symptoms that they think are related to STD/STI infections.

My Opinion about MyLabBox.com and other At-Home STD/STI test Kits

For me, I find STI test kits for home usage to be more convenient and reliable. This is because when using them, you don’t have to overcome the shyness involved when you have to interact face-face with healthcare professionals to explain to them your suspicions of having contracted an STI infection.

You do everything comfortably from your home, and therefore you are provided with the privacy you need. With MyLabBox, I find it to be the most appropriate option for testing STIs at home because of the many advantages it has. Some key benefits include having a rich portfolio of STD/STI check options and providing free physician consultations.